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All new clients will have $40 off their initial appointment.

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Welcome to Functional Bodywork by Antonia

A Unique Approach to Pain and Dysfunction

120 Min. New Client Intake

2 Hours @ $200

60 Min. Functional Bodywork

60 Min @ $120.00 Please call to confirm prices.

120 Min. Functional Bodywork

2 hours at @ $240.00

30 Min – NeuroKinetic Therapy Practitioner Certification Test

30 Min @ $75.00

60 Min. Tutorial for NKT Practitioners

1 Hour @ $120.00

$20 off your next session for every person you refer to Functional BodyWork by Antonia!


A typical intake will consist of a full and detailed health history, discussion of client goals and priorities, NeuroKinetic Therapy assessment, Anatomy in Motion 3D Gait Analysis, Myofascial Release and/or other Manual Therapy Techniques, Movement Training, General Education, and Self-care Protocol. Video and photograph will be used to document progress. Constant support for questions on self-care is available through email and video. The amount of sessions needed varies greatly from client to client, depending on the client’s history, goals, priorities, and consistency with self-care.

The Holistic Way with Todd Hart - Ep. 23 - NeuroKinetic Therapy

I would recommend Antonia to anyone that has body/muscle pain because she doesn’t only focus on the area of pain itself but looks for muscle relationships that may be affecting the area of pain which provides more complete and long-lasting effects to reduce and stop pain.

Antonia is amazingly knowledgeable and friendly. My recovery time following a car accident was much quicker due to her knowledge and readiness to help and educate me on everything that I needed to know. She’s a true gem and you will not be dissapointed. Highly recommended!
Mirza C
Antonia is a true gem, and is constantly learning. Her ability to integrate new information is really impressive. I can’t say enough good things. Thank you
Jennifer P
Antonia has continuously provided me with self care exercises to help further correct the patterns she identifies. I’m now able to run over 7 miles pain free and my body recovers quicker than ever. I can’t recommend Antonia highly enough!
Mike B –

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